Book by Jonothon Lyons
Music & Lyrics by Ben Bonnema

Nov. 30th - Dec. 23rd at HERE Arts Center

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“In New York City somewhere around 1907 or the nineteen-thirties—historical accuracy is not a primary consideration here—an aspiring fruit farmer teams up with three other guileless dreamers to save his family’s apple orchard through a foolproof get-rich-quick scheme: busking as a barbershop quartet. This new musical comedy is a bushelful of delights: Ben Bonnema’s clever, catchy songs, Jonothon Lyons’s wonderfully silly yet tightly constructed book, and adorable, hilarious performances from the quartet (Jelani Remy, Amanda Ryan Paige, Teddy Yudain, and Lyons). Directed by David Alpert and chock-full of solid gags that get maximum mileage out of old-timey tropes and Coney Island lore, the show is a thoroughly winning tribute to collaboration in all realms, not least the theatre.”

—The New Yorker

Photos by Richard Termine

Photos by Richard Termine

Demos performed by Emily Skeggs, Jonothon Lyons, Teddy Yudain, and Nicholas Gordon.

Developmental History:

August 2016 - A staged presentation of the first act at Dixon Place

August 2017 - A staged presentation of the whole show at Dixon Place, starring Tony-nominated actor Emily Skeggs

November 2017 - Presented two sold-out shows at Ars Nova as part of their "One Night Stand" series. 

November 2018 - Began a three-week production at HERE Arts Center, presented by “Heart On Sleeve Productions”